Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Where has time gone?

It seems almost forever since I've visited my blog, not to mention since I've had real internet! I've missed the interaction with the few I follow and those who email me. Thank you for checking up on me here and there. I am still here.

 Lets see if I can catch you up on happenings around the farm (Rosewood Acres) since April.  BTW there has been no applique or sewing what so ever.  I've had some really down days but all my supplies and most of our belongings probably about 95% are in the barn with the mice.  Yeah, I know, depressing.

We started out with renovations to be completed by no later than Sept.  They have barely even began.  We've done a lot of work outside while waiting on the rain or whatever the excuse might be for the day. I've even planted a garden with a few flowers. Gasp, when did that ever occur?  I think this was really my sanity many of days.  I've harvested several heads of cauliflower, beans, a few bell peppers and a couple (really only a couple) blueberries. I've purchased numerous trees to add to the landscaping when the renovations finish including lots of trees for an orchard.  I can't wait to move them from their temp homes to a more permanent location.
The flowers were mainly to lift my spirits.  My Grandmother used to plant flowers in her garden.

A dear sweet quilting friend of mine, 
Miss Sandi gave me 2 of these guys for my garden.  I have one to dress yet and get him out to be on guard with the trees. Isn't he just the neatest scarecrow?

We took the corn crib down, I stressed over destroying a piece of history, but in the long run it should of been taken down more than 10 years ago.

 I saved numerous boards to work with at a later date.  They guys have worked hard to make our place seem more like home each time they were here.
After it was taken down, they shredded it to be used as horse bedding for Miss Emily's horse. The ultimate in recyling, yes?!

When it was shredded, all the nails were separated out so not to be any hazard for the livestock.  From here, it gets put away for later use.

There was a lot of hay making going on all the while. Thank goodness we have friends to help us along the way to know what and who to call for help in the field.  We got 2 grass cuttings making over 500 small bales of hay for our Lulu.  Let me tell you, the first round, the Mister had the baler set for 75# bales....needless to say, the next time was more like 45-50#ers.  Not bad for 5 acres which had been severely over grazed and full of thistles.  We've learned a lot this go around.  Although Miss Emily is still waiting on her riding area to ride in.  She has been the most patient of girls. Thank you Sweetie for all your help and being patient.
We've enjoyed many Iowa sunsets, every one seems more and more breath taking than the last.

And there have been a lot of these since we've moved.

We've added a few animals to the crew, just because we could.  Many being chickens.  This is always something I've wanted to do, have fancy chickens.  Miss Emily has taken it a step further.  There was an old chicken coop to our property she choose to clean and renovate.  Of course the Mister has helped a lot.
This is Bubbles our Easter Egger roaster.  He is good to his flock and can be seen a many of nights with his arms stretched around another chicken who isn't feeling secure enough.  He loves the camera and always is in range to have his photo taken.
Emily has even taken to raising chickens for hire.  Her webpage is Rosewood Poultry.  Basically, I showed her how to get started on building her site, from there and with the help of another online chicken friend, has built a pretty awsome site.  Currently she has approximately 3 dozen eggs in the incubator.  She has even made a Facebook page as well.

And this is Hope.  She is an Australian Sheppard we adopted about 2 months back.  She has 1 blue eye and 1 brown eye.  
Hope meeting her first chicken.  Lol, the chicken thought he was being offered up for supper.  He didn't really know what to think.
And this is what we have been living like for the past several months waiting.  I'm starting to wonder if we will get everything buttoned up before the snow starts?  I have great friends encouraging and praying for us.

  So, until I have another evening to update you on our happenings around Rosewood Acres, know your in my thoughts a many of days.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Starting a new block

Sunday was more of a down day since the Mister and Emily were fighting a cold. I decided to pull one of these from Sandra.  Thinking ahead right before we moved, I ordered kits knowing everything was stuffed into storage.  We had to fish a bag of horse feed out of one yesterday, let me just say it was all the way in the back of one of the three units.

I'm glad I had the forethought to place the background fabric along with the kits.  Now, I'm ready for prep work while I wait for gravel to be delivered for the driveway and propane for heat. 

Saturday was a nice warmer day. We lost almost all of our snow, with just the right amount of sunshine to dry the lots a little around our new place. We're trying to decide if we want to rent or purchase a used Skid steer.   The Mister had 2 to call on Saturday, of which, both were sold.  Since this was the case, we stopped in town to rent one for next weekend.  Hopefully, we'll be dry enough to get the barns cleared out along with all the goat mess in the lots.  Last week, we mostly worked by hand getting the horse barn clean.  WOW is all I can say.  This is a photo of just some of what we cleaned. 

While we were working, the moon was rising on the horizon.  I couldn't help but try to grab a shot.  I think this is one of the better ones.  I'm still trying to learn my new camera.  
Living without any major appliances has been a challenge to say the least.  This has been where I've been doing my laundry, 5 loads at a time.  Although sometimes it could really be more like 7.

And did you know, you can bake (or cook) brownies in a table top oven type slow cooker? The edges were a little brown on mine because I didn't check them enough.  I mixed them straight from the box, using 300 degrees instead of the recommended baking of 350 degrees. Cook time was a little over 30 minutes.  Plus, asparagus cooked in the same cooker (my first time trying Sunday) was the best I've ever cooked, taking about 2 hours on 300 degrees. I just kept checking it with a fork till it was tender enough.

I imagine, I won't have much time extra time this week.  Only time will tell.  Our construction friend is coming up for a visit in 2 weeks.  We're trying to finalize our work plans for the summer.  It sure seems funny talking about it this way, when there is still some snow on the ground.

Friday, March 22, 2013

A new Stitch Technique

When I took a couple of classes, back in October 2012, with Sandra Leichner, one of the classes was a technique class with fuzzy details (as Sandra calls it) "the Turkey Stitch".  I took notes thank goodness inside my class instruction booklet she gave me. Apparently not good enough, I had to search online for a video to refresh my ole noggin (which is more often than it used to be).  Thankfully YouTube rescued me once again. What did we ever do before YouTube?!!  First you begin with regular applique in blue of course since it's my all time fav color.

 Then add the veining (like Sandra's) (I'm not sure I care for the color I picked for the lighter blue fabric) and a few french knots, I thought would be appropriate.

 The looping

Next you cut and shape your looping, which btw was a little unnerving, being how I just spent so much time learning.  Then fluffing,
Repeating for the sides.
Cut, shape, fluff.
There you have it, I learned a new stitch, the Turkey stitch. Gobble, gooble, lol, ok Sandra did say it's not named after a turkey.  Maybe someday you'll find a use for this stitch.  I'm all about learning new techniques to use.  I love the extra dimension it gives applique, kind of a little unexpected surprise.  I also have an older book by Karen Kay Buckley with stitches something like this in my library.  Great things to know.  Thank you once again for another wonderful pattern Sandra!

As I sit here typing, our new house is almost ready for us to take possession.  Hopefully we get to move Miss Emily's horse home Sunday.  Then, more moving will be in order.  I only hope I'll still get to do some handwork for my own sanity.  

Have a blessed weekend!


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Monday, March 18, 2013

The Wren block

Today after doing a bit of cleaning, I sat to do the feet of the wren block.  I'm not sure why I dreaded doing the feet so much, they went fairly fast and were pretty easy. I used the Cosmo thread from another kit since I didn't have the thread kit for this block and all my DMC is in storage.  Sandra's directions are so thorough making it easy one stitch at a time.  She wants you to be able to succeed, therefore she shares her wonderful wealth of knowledge. I even emailed her way back when I was working on the block with a question about the feet, she sent me a nice note with the directions. Thank you Sandra!

 Yesterday, I worked on the eye area.  Before

 and after

 Even though my stitches are not perfect, the bird itself, seems to come to life.  I still need to add the berries from the pattern.  I have no red fabric scraps with me (in storage).  So for now, this is finished.

 Not too long ago, I purchased these and I love them.  So easy and portable to carry along with my silk threads.  These are great for the details needed.  I have almost any color with me in our small living space.  This was a great purchase.
It's cold and windy here with a blizzard warning most of the day.  I was going to run into town to work out this morning, but decided to stay put.  You can see the wind blowing.  School was dismissed early because of the wind. Along with it, they cancelled Miss Emily's confirmation class tonight.

Sunday, Miss Emily went along with a friend of Dad's to get 55 quail.  He raises them for others, as well as chickens.  Lol, Miss Em, she placed an order with him for several different chickens. I wanted a few, I do love fancy chickens.  I'm not sure what we will be getting.  Looks like we'd better hurry up and get the final move into our new place, so we can get the chicken coop ready as well as Miss Lulu's pasture ready.

I'm feeling a huge accomplishment for me having this finished thus far, since I haven't sewn any in months.
That's all for now,

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Friday, March 15, 2013

We bought a Goat Farm!

Yeah, I know it sounds crazy, but we did just that!  So much has changed since I've last posted.  We listed the house in town, closed on it yesterday.  This house now belongs to a fireman and his bride to be.  We lived here for almost 9 years.  We enjoyed the time there and friends we made, but the space was just too confining to us.
Not to mention, there was no room for Miss Emily's horse Lulu.

So we bought the goat farm, closed on it last month.
We have a lot of work ahead of us.  This corn crib needs lots of TLC to bring it back to it's life as it once was.  Red will be it's future color. And NO goats Emily!  She is already trying to figure out how to get the previous owners to leave one of the babies behind. 

The house isn't much to look at, in fact, it's pretty small. Just an old farmhouse.

But we have big plans.  My Mister has been working on plans day and night (with the help of a builder). We have finalized the plans on the remodel and even have a gorgeous drawing on what will be someday soon.  We will add 16' to the footprint of the house, with the addition of a 3 car attached garage.  All of this will need to be finished before the snow blows next fall.  Tomorrow, we are taking a small road trip to visit an Amish gentleman whom maybe a potential roofer. I'm getting more and more excited with each day.

Currently, we are now living at what will be our neighbors house until the previous owners vacate. Which maybe another week yet. This date is still up in the air yet.

With all the changes, I've not had anytime to sit and sew until this week.  Ahhh, how I've missed you my handwork!.  Today, I finished the details on the leaves of this block of Sandra Leichner's.

Maybe next week I can get the details on the legs and body of the bird.  I'd better get working fast, this is the only block I have worked on.  I have 3-4 more kits of Sandra's waiting.  It's probably a good thing this is all I have with me at the time.  Everything else is in storage units.

Life on the farm is going to be a huge change for me.  No internet except through my phone.  There is nothing in the works around us until another year or so.  This is what made me break down and finally get a cell.  So, until next time I have more update.

I'm going to change the settings back to normal, I had to change it to personal viewing only, because I was getting spammed.  Hopefully I won't have to do this again.